Hi, welcome to SW Computing… read our mission statement below or just browse this site for an impression of what we’re about…

“We are what we do.”

If success is fulfilling our potential then we can achieve this by doing what is right both for us and the circumstances we find ourselves in. Each of us has a unique path to success and to discover and follow that path we need to be in control of our own actions, aware of the impact they have for ourselves, others and the wider environment we find ourselves in.

Action Meter

We are developing an app to take habit builder and life coach software to the next level. Action Meter uses TODO lists “with a twist” to provide the simplest possible way for you to monitor your actions and stay on track for your goals with options to personalise the app for the experience and level of detail that suits you.

User Driven Development

We will be releasing Action Meter in its simplest possible form and then looking for your feedback on the features you need so that we can work with you to build the app you want and need to take your mission for success in life to the next level!

Coming Soon!

https://actionmeter.app will be released Summer 2019 for Android, iOS and Windows.


We will be exploring our interest in the importance of our actions in an open world rpg action adventure set in a game world that has a life of its own. Simple yet beautiful visuals with a deep action system providing life to the world and its inhabitants. Everything in this world will have a life of its own and all our actions in this world will have REAL consequences in that world.

The goal of such realism in games has been around for a long time and until recently the demands of creating a believable gaming world with enjoyable gameplay, character interactions and story driven experience has been more than enough for game developers. Over the last few years however more and more games have been emerging with an increasing depth of “meaningful actions and consequences”.

Aside from the massive budgets and development teams for AAA games these deeper levels of gameplay are now becoming accessible to indie developers such as ourselves due to advances in game development technologies. Game engines such as Unity and Unreal have become a lot more powerful and are now supported by large libraries of high quality plugins and resources. Small indie developers can now produce game environments much more easily and concentrate more on gameplay depth.

We have ambitious goals for our game which will need to be sounded out to discover just what we can achieve, the good news is that even if our first game falls a long way short of these long-term goals, we know it is still going to be an awesome game!

Site Re-Launch

SW Computing is now a limited company. We are within a few months of launching ActionMeter and it's time to make a fresh start with our website. For clarity we have removed our historical blog posts from the site and have refreshed all content to bring it up to date....