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“We are what we do.”

To achieve true success in life we need to set ourselves goals that are right for us and to be clear about what we need to do to reach those goals – then we need to make it happen. Choosing the right actions benefits others as well as ourselves and increases our chance of success.

Action Meter

We are developing an app to take self improvement software to the next level by putting YOU in control. Action Meter uses helpful goal planning and tracking tools to provide you with an easy and fun way to monitor your actions and stay on track with your goals. There is a Calendar and intuitive Dashboard for seeing the overall plan and how you are progressing on your personal journey to success.

Action Meter will be released when it’s ready for Android and iOS…


Action Explorer is going to be a new Game Builder experience with a strong focus on education, creativity and gameplay!

We will be providing budding game developers with the tools to make great games and to explore the importance of our actions through deep gameplay systems.

Whatever your interests, be it level design, art, programming or story writing, you can focus on these, work alone or in a team and the Action Explorer Game System will generate the parts of the game you don’t want to work on according to your preferences.

You’ll be able to publish your game to the community game hub and get feedback from other game creators and players.

Happiness at Work!

Just discovered this inspiring company Happy Coffee Conslulting who are working to bring happiness into the workplace - never occurred to me to focus on this, but it sounds so right! 🙂 "Happiness at Work" will be one of SW Computing's success pillars.  

Preparing for new site

It's time for a site refresh... We need to more clearly communicate our vision for Action Meter and Action Explorer and also provide a basic development roadmap with progress updates. This will set the tone for the future where we will be as open as possible about our...

Mobile Blogging

My first post from the Wordpress iOS mobile app! Really nice to use, though I need more time with it before giving more of a review...

Site Re-Launch

SW Computing is now a limited company. We are within a few months of launching Action Meter and it's time to make a fresh start with our website. For clarity we have removed our historical blog posts from the site and have refreshed all content to bring it up to date....