Action for success!

Discover new meaning in what you do…

SW Computing’s mission is to provide the foundations and tools for building an ecosystem of apps, networks and games that will empower us all to achieve our goals through right action, fun and collaboration!


be sucCessful through action and take your place in the ActionX network.

An evolutionary app to record and learn from your actions, walk your own path, help others on their way and join a community for success.


Set your goals and track your progress.

An intuitive, fun and powerful app for those who really want to deeply understand and improve their actions…  Set advanced goals with milestones and track your steps on your journey to success!


Play and create games to learn about actions through cause and affect.

A gaming network with tools for building and remixing games from simple diversions to large open world adventures that all focus on the action interplay between players, ai agents, environments and game systems.


Store your action experiences and insights to share with who you choose or as a private record.

A secure and optimised data store for our action discoveries, experiences, knowledge gained and records of our achievements and progress. Designed for sharing or as a secure private archive as required.