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Action for Success!

We now have a clear strategy for our “Action for Success” ecosystem of apps, sites, games and services! It feels great to be a this point and we look forward to starting this journey with you in 2022 when we will be...

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Happiness at Work!

Just discovered this inspiring company Happy Coffee Conslulting who are working to bring happiness into the workplace – never occurred to me to focus on this, but it sounds so right! 🙂 “Happiness at Work” will...

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Preparing for new site

It’s time for a site refresh… We need to more clearly communicate our vision for Action Meter and Action Explorer and also provide a basic development roadmap with progress updates. This will set the tone for the...

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Site Re-Launch

SW Computing is now a limited company. We are within a few months of launching Action Meter and it’s time to make a fresh start with our website. For clarity we have removed our historical blog posts from the site and have...

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