SW Computing builds software products to help our users achieve their goals and enhance their personal and working lives.

“SW” stands for “Stuart Wright” the founder, the company has been formed to realise the vision Stuart has for Action Suite, Idea Time, The Game Framework and additional projects.

Originally formed in 2007 SW Computing was Stuart Wright’s trading name for his self-employed IT and website services business. This business was closed down in 2010 when Stuart took a full-time position as a software engineer in Dundee, Scotland.

Stuart then developed an interest in app development and re-formed SW Computing in 2013 for “Software and Website” development in order to start building a new business initially focused on his Action Track product idea.

A number of additional software product ideas ( and one hardware idea ) were considered and explored and most of which remain in our product roadmap.

Now as we prepare to build our first app, Action Meter ( the evolution of the Action Track idea ) we have formed SW Computing Ltd to take our work forward and in time to build a successful business fulfulling the ideals set out in our mission statement.

Stuart Wright

Meet the team…

Stuart Wright

Stuart Wright

Founder, Developer & Designer

Proud Dad.
Senior Software Engineer & Entrepreneur.
Based in Dundee, Scotland.