Scrapped CMS Toolkit and MakingItReal projects as CMS Toolkit will be part of the CMS Active service and the MakingItReal concept was too broad – I want to focus on creating the ActionTrack and IdeaTime tools that will enable others to realise their goals not on creating a mutual support network.

DeveloperStack is a different matter as there are clearly defined boundaries to the concept and a better defined pre-existing market.

The MakingItReal concept will be better conveyed in general usage guidelines for ActionTrack and Ideatime, there will be many different contexts for “realising goals” that could not be captured effectively in one social network. A better solution may be to implement networking APIs for both ActionTrack and IdeaTime services and to support integration of these networks with each other and a wider ‘host’ network.

The idea with DeveloperStack is to integrate with existing social networks using APIs, however this integration is likely to remain peripheral and there will be a need for a fully featured host network, ActionTrack and IdeaTime will also need a similar host network.

This generic host network will need to be an open source tool as well as an online presence in its own right, users of ActionTrack, IdeaTime and DeveloperStack would then have the option of deploying the host network to their own servers or of setting up private and/or public networks by opening a subscription on the native host network.

More on this “Host Network” to follow…