In a nutshell the Idea Board is a digital whiteboard that can be networked with other idea boards for thought sessions on the same or different ideas. All the working you can do on a physical whiteboard will be supported, so writing, diagrams, mind mapping.

The unique feature of the IdeaBoard is that many boards can be linked as an idea is explored and worked on, this is where physical whiteboards are limited. The result is a multi-dimensional model and resource set for the idea or group of ideas being developed.

If you have a magnetic physical whiteboard you can attach piece of paper to it with magnets, the IdeaBoard alllows you to atttach document files, photos ( including photos of physical white boards ), link to web resources, attache audio and video files.

There will also be a publishing system so that in time a library of these IdeaBoard ‘structures’ can be built up and shared among users.

There are a few existing systems for working with ideas, although they tend to be based on mind mapping tools, while impressive they did not ‘feel’ intuitive enough for me, IdeaTime will first and foremost be easy to use, there will be basic features and more advanced features, you can personalise system.