A “Host Network” technology is needed for ActionTrack, IdeaTime and DeveloperStack, this will be offered as online SAAS subscription or a licensed and supported deployment on the users’ own servers or even personal computers. The ActionTrack and IdeaTime web applications and APIs will be open source so Developers will be able to create their own services and products using the technology. In time a suite of native Windows, iOS and Android clients will be developed with the basic client software also being open source. I am undecided on whether to open source the more advanced features of these client apps or to keep those proprietry and closed source, that will depend how the business model evolves, my current intention is to charge for service rather than software and to open source as much as possible.

Each application’s functionality will need a range of different linked hubs within the host network with each hub having its own structure and networking functionality. ActionTrack and IdeaTime hubs will exist both within the DeveloperStack hub and in their own right as the uninversal application instances.

Subscribers to the “Host Network” service will be able to create their own Network Hubs comparable to DeveloperStack with different dynamics of ActionTrack and IdeaTime networking and applications within those hubs.

For example there might be a “Project Tracker” hub that is dedicated to tracking projects progress and performance using ActionTrack technology and provide services ( free or chargeable ) to members of the “Project Tracker” hub. Users could configure and even extend ActionTrack to create a unique service set for this “ActionTrack Hub”.

Another possibility would be  a “Kickstarter Hub” where budding entrepreneurs would form discussion and training groups to help new starts brainstorm their ideas and business challenges with others with perhaps online conferences and training sessions from business mentors.

Another option would be a private “Innovation Forum” hub for a corporate business who wants to make use of the IdeaTime and ActionTrack system to build their innovation forum.