Some time after Q2 2018 I will be improving my CMS Active service with a new Site Designer feature.



Site Designer will allow you to build, try out and then launch your own budget business website from a range of pre-defined site templates without the need for my bespoke web design services.


A future version of the Site Designer will also allow you to create a personalised Site Design Order using a custom tool for creating your own page layouts and unique site structure. Once your design is complete the Site Designer will calculate the amount of work I will need to do and quote you a fixed price and delivery date. A deposit of 10% will be payable. Once your site is ready you will be able to try it out before you pay the remaining 90% and launch the site on your chosen hosting package. There will be a 100% guarantee that the site I build will meet your design to your satisfaction or you get your deposit back.

For either of the above services the Site Designer will allow you to order and launch a blank site in maintenance mode and then later add your own content through WordPress.