Category: ActionTrack

Product Focus

I’ve decided to cancel my focus on web development products and my CMS Active service to concentrate on my core product ActionTrack. I have also scrapped my DeveloperStack concept as too broad a system for me to provide a...

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Action Track App

After careful consideration I have decided to move my CMS Active Site Designer project back by at least 1 year to launch no earlier than Q2 2018. I have switched back to my ActionTrack project. In 2017 I will be developing a...

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Development Update

A busy couple of holiday months as been a barrier to moving development forward. I’ve spent a bit of time familiarising myself with Angular JS but little else. I plan to resume development next week and release the first...

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A Unique User Experience

To some extent the experience offered by IdeaTime and ActionTrack will be unique to these products, although the processes the users will go through will be modeled on and designed to support real human processes. In a sense the...

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Architectural Choices

IdeaTime and ActionTrack will both be Single Page Applications ( SPA ) built on the following stack: Client AngularJS or Aurelia Bootstrap or similar D3js for data visualisations and neat UI features Web Server ASP.NET 5 SignalR...

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