Hi, welcome to SW Computing… read our mission statement below or just browse this site for an impression of what we’re about…

Computing can help us face tough challenges and succeed in great endeavours. We are building apps and cloud services to assist individuals and organisations in attaining the simplest to most ambitious goals and building world changing ideas in the process.

For self-improvement there are plenty of good habit builder and life coach apps available, however they all seem to have one thing in common – they get in the way of the process they’re built to assist – which prevents them from being great.

Action Suite

We are developing a suite of Action app and cloud services to take habit builder and life coach apps to the next level and to bring them into the workplace where they are sorely needed… our first app https://actionmeter.app will be released Q1 2019. ActionMeter provides the simplest possible way for you to monitor your actions and stay on track for your goals with options to personalise the app for the experience that suits you.


Spaces and tools for building and developing ideas, for fun and work, creative or scientific projects and process improvements. We are going to build an “ideas ecosystem” where people can have their own space to work privately on their ideas or to work with remotely connected friends, teams – even collaborating companies – to build brainstorming environments with a choice of tools to create the perfect idea building space.

Evolution – While there are amazing social networking services, mind mapping tools, forum sites and intranet systems available there do not seem to be any apps or networking sites that support the idea processes that we see a need for. Video conferencing and conference calls with desktop sharing are not enough, we need a system of connected “idea workspaces” that can share and present to each other in a range of different ways, seamlessley like the flow of discussion that would occur in a room if all participants were present.

The Future

Action Suite and IdeaTime will be built from the ground up to keep out of your way and allow you to mould and focus the tools according to your needs. Both software suites will have strong networking features with themselves and each other and be backed by an evolving suite of cloud services.

We will be looking for your feedback on the features and services you need so that our work developing and improving IdeaTime and the Action Suite will always bring you the enhanced and new apps and services you need as soon as possible.

In order to create deeper user experiences both Action Suite and IdeaTime apps will feature optional gamificiation systems; this ties in well with our other planned area of product development – Video/Audio(1) Games.

We feel that games can provide us with more than just fun and excitement, we think that games can help and encourage us to explore our own inner worlds and deepen awareness of our own motivations in ways that will benefit us in our daily lives.

If you look carefully you will see that there is already a movement within the video games industry that is producing thought provoking games with deeper more meaningful experiences. For example, there are more games that offer a kind of “living story” experience where the player feels intimately part of the unfolding story experiencing it along with the protagonist and in other cases the player themselves is the protagonist.

We are interested in creating Video/Audio Games that explore our inner battles and challenges in life through allegorical fantasy that would be ( so far as technically possible ) tailored to each player to provide a uniquely personal experience.

(1) Video/Audio Games – the games we produce will be designed to create an “inner” experience, as such both video and audio aspects are equally important as sensory feeds to that experience. For those of us who do not have use of the sense of sight or hearing and for those of us who want to experience just one sensory feed in the game we will be striving to provide 3 modes of gameplay: Video and Audio, Video Only, Audio Only. Due to practical constraints the single sensory feed versions will ( for our first few games at least ) follow on as later releases after the dual sensory feed version.

Open Source :
Where practical and appropriate our software will be made freely available under permissive open source licenses.

ActionMeter – Xamarin Forms Prototype

After considering developing platform specific UI for ActionMeter have decided to use Xamarin Forms for the prototype and most likely the first live iteration. There are two reasons for this: Limited time resource. The return of the ActiveUI* concept as a first...

Site Refresh

Started work on a site refresh...

Trademark Challenges – Brand and Product Scope Rethink

I've just discovered that my planned ActionTrack and IdeaTime brands are already being used in some of my target regions, ActionTrack in particular is a registered trademark in one of my target markets. Accordingly I have been re-thinking my branding... I am...

New Mission Statement – Roadmap

Re-wrote the mission statement and focused on the relationship between our app development ( ActionTrack and IdeaTime ) and our indie game development ( The Game Framework ). I think it would be good to add some cross linking to our Confluence site for product...

Adventure Game Sandbox

I've been having such fun building a WebGL adventure game using the PlayCanvas HTML5 Game Engine and a great set of Unity 3D model assets I purchased that I've decided that now is the time for me to build the adventure game I've wanted to build ever since I got into...

Product Focus

I've decided to cancel my focus on web development products and my CMS Active service to concentrate on my core product ActionTrack. I have also scrapped my DeveloperStack concept as too broad a system for me to provide a solution for.

Action Track App

After careful consideration I have decided to move my CMS Active Site Designer project back by at least 1 year to launch no earlier than Q2 2018. I have switched back to my ActionTrack project. In 2017 I will be developing a much simpler version of ActionTrack than...

CMS Active – Site Designer Coming 2017 TBC

Some time after Q2 2018 I will be improving my CMS Active service with a new Site Designer feature.   Standard Site Designer will allow you to build, try out and then launch your own budget business website from a range of pre-defined site templates without the need...

Host Network

A "Host Network" technology is needed for ActionTrack, IdeaTime and DeveloperStack, this will be offered as online SAAS subscription or a licensed and supported deployment on the users' own servers or even personal computers. The ActionTrack and IdeaTime web...

Product Focus

Scrapped CMS Toolkit and MakingItReal projects as CMS Toolkit will be part of the CMS Active service and the MakingItReal concept was too broad - I want to focus on creating the ActionTrack and IdeaTime tools that will enable others to realise their goals not on...