Hi, my name is Stuart Wright, welcome …

By day I am a full time Software Engineer, by night and at weekends I am working to build a suite of open source web and software products supporting innovation, collaboration, goal setting and performance tracking.

To finance these long term projects, while also building one possible route to market for them, I am now offering a Budget Bespoke Business Website (B3W) service with the unique assurances of fixed price for agreed work and a willingness to commit to delivery timescales.

While my products will be open source and free their commercial value is not in what they are but how they are used. I will be providing a range of developer training and business consultancy services while at the same time encouraging open source collaboration.

Host Network

A “Host Network” technology is needed for ActionTrack, IdeaTime and DeveloperStack, this will be offered as online SAAS subscription or a licensed and supported deployment on the users’ own servers or even personal computers. The ActionTrack...
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Product Focus

Scrapped CMS Toolkit and MakingItReal projects as CMS Toolkit will be part of the CMS Active service and the MakingItReal concept was too broad – I want to focus on creating the ActionTrack and IdeaTime tools that will enable others to realise their goals not...
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CMS Active brand for website services

I’ve decided to use my CMS Active brand for the budget business website service I am offering, it suits well as the focus of the service is the customer taking ownership and control of their site from the start with Elegant Themes on WordPress as the...
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Idea Board – What is it?

In a nutshell the Idea Board is a digital whiteboard that can be networked with other idea boards for thought sessions on the same or different ideas. All the working you can do on a physical whiteboard will be supported, so writing, diagrams, mind mapping. The...
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IdeaTime SPA1 – The Idea Board

After speculating how IdeaTime might evolve into a system of tools to assist in the creative thought process for individuals and groups, I’ve pivoted back to the origins of the IdeaTime project which was inspired from two sources: The innovation programme at...
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Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS)

For the embedded SPA architecture I was concerned about cross domain requests to the IdeaTime servers for data from IdeaTime users’ websites… thankfully it looks like there is a viable solution using CORS: I’ve just glanced at the following...
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IdeaTime as a System of Embeddable SPAs

I have decided to build the IdeaTime system as a suite of mini SPAs that will be delivered from the IdeaTime servers to client browsers and be embedded in host websites served from any web platform. I will be building the IdeaTime site in WordPress as an example...
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Berry Bot Work Started

Very early days with Raspberry Pi, Waveshare LCD screen and basic 3 wheeled robot chasis. I have noted with interest that there is an open source project for speech recognition that will allow support for voice commands to be…
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New Projects – CMS Active and CMS Toolkit

In line with my planned budget WordPress website development service offering I plan to start development on a Self-Service WordPress template site builder with a friendly Wizard based tutorial system and supported by an underlying WordPress plugin that will...
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IdeaTime Development Resumed

I’ve now resumed work on IdeaTime. I am unlikely to spend much time on WordPress plugin development until the first IdeaTime MVP is released which I plan to be before the end of 2015.
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I will also provide training and networking opportunities for others who wish to provide similar commercial services to myself with a view to creating an ecosystem of service providers around my product suite and derived products from the open source communities that I will be working to initiate.

If you’d like to track the details of my product development please have a read of my Blog on this site after looking at my Project pages if you want to know more.

Berry Bot

[ Early prototype social robot built on two Raspberry Pi computers with a wireless uplink to IdeaTime and ActionTrack Cloud Services. ]

Planned to be a fun interactive robot for children who are using IdeaTime and/or ActionTrack cloud services to be creative or work towards personal goals, possibly for rewards from their parents.

Berry Bot early prototype

When not showing the expressive Berry Bot face the 7inch HD Touch Screen display will optionally show the mobile apps for IdeaTime and ActionTrack, or these can be rendered out to a HD TV or projector and controlled with a wireless keyboard mouse by the child and/or their parents.

Berry Bot will be able to recognise the child and their family, visually through the Pi Camera and by voice. Berry Bot will also have basic AI capablities in voice recognition and speech and be able to engage in basic conversations around scripted subjects, such as a Talking Diary and ActionTrack and IdeaTime. Berry Bot will also be able to play some simple games with the child, such as Tick-Tack-Toe.